Project Diaspora
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Welcome to Project Diaspora

Project Diaspora is a 2D Space Trading MMORPG for Windows and Linux. Project Diaspora is a High quality, multi-player internet based game. Graphics are good, and game mechanics solid. Create your character or characters, buy a ship, outfit it with weapons, missiles, and equipment. Buy, transport and sell cargo at over a dozen planets in different zones of play.

Forge alliances, create guilds and wage wars with or against your fellow players. A definite must have for the online strategy game enthusiast.

The Story:

Civilization as we know it has ended. You are a clone. The central banks of the known universe have funded your creation and you have been credited with what you need to lift off. If you are an experiment, we do not know, all we do know is that this universe is not completely inhabited with your kind and you have been given what you need to start your exploration.

In this confusion we can tell you that many others like yourself have been created and have begun trying to accumulate full control over the universe. While many simply trade peacefully, and go about their daily lives, some seek to destroy and pirate for sheer enjoyment. Out there you will find many guilds to suit your needs. There is a balance of good and evil and neither have proved to rightfully keep full control.
Custom Ship Setups:

Your ship is your life, and out there the last thing keeping you from completing your mission is the equipment you choose to get you there. In Diaspora you can have multiple upgrades for your ship, and wide selections of weapons. Different weapons have different special attributes which work best in different situations, the right combination can be the difference from winning the war or being destroyed in midspace.

Space Trading and Combat:

In Diaspora you will be stuck in a vast expansion of planets and enemies. There will always be room to choose to be the peaceful goods trader but at the same time others may choose to pirate the universe.

Planetary Control:

All planets in the universe have the ability to be taken over by guilds. A taken planet will product revenue for the guild in the form of taxes. Most reputable guilds will own satellites over the planets for control and defensive purposes. Be weary of guilds who own too many planets as their power can become unmanageable, and good will can easily be corrupted.
Player Developed Server Content:

Project Diaspora is revolutionary in that it is one of the few if not only massive publically played online role playing games that has been architecturally designed so that the players can create their own servers and content to be linked in with the rest of the available game. This is because of the Hub-server and Server architecture. All game servers link to the hub server which regulates and dictates player account security.

Other Technological Breakthroughs:

This game is linked in different ways to the website. There is an affiliate marketing script which allows you to automatically gain in-game credit bonuses for helping bring new players to the game. There is also a way to keep tabs on your guild's satellites. The other major advancement in the game is that it is completely integrated with a jabber instant messenger server so that you can talk to players in-game from the same instant messenger program you talk to the rest of your friends with. This allows you to be perpetually available in-game in case your friends may need to immediate help.

This game is a reincarnation of the game Diaspora.

This game is developed and administrated by Freak Nigh at The game currently only officially has support for the pDiaspora server, all other server's are administrated by their creators.